Welcome to Travellerways Kennels

We specialise in breeding quality Whippets, Bedlington Terriers and Lurchers. We also keep, race and show Greyhounds. Travellerways dogs do well in the show ring, in the racing world and as working dogs. They also make loving family pets.

Travellerways Kennels conform to the new Animal Welfare Act of 2018 with regards to dog breeding. We have been the only licensed breeding kennel in the South Hams for the last two years.

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Pedigree Whippet Puppy for sale in Devon
Whippet and Bedlington Terrier Breeding kennels in Devon
  • Specialist show & working dogs

    Travellerways kennels are a specialist show, working and running dog kennel based in South Devon. The kennels are run by Bernie who has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of Bedlington Terriers, Whippets, Greyhounds and Bedlington/Lurchers.

Our Dogs

Prize winning Bedlington Terrier
Whippet available for breeding Award winning Greyhound for sale, Devon

Working dogs that do well in the show ring!

As well as making a wonderful addition to the family, Travellerways dogs are quite capable of doing the job they are bred for - weather its catching vermin, hunting or racing. Our Whippets, Bedlington Terriers and Lurchers are shown in showrings around the world, where they are currently doing very well.

Prize winning Bedlington/Whippet Lurcher

Specialist breeders for over 20 years

We have for sale both puppies and adult dogs. All our Bedlington breeding stock are DNA tested 1.1 for copper toxicosis and hold clear eye certificates for TRD. We are licensed kennels and also have dogs which are available for stud.


  • Whippet

    We breed and sell pedigree Whippets that are both shown in competitions and used for racing. They also make wonderful pets!

  • Bedlington Terriers
    Bedlington Terriers

    Bedlington Terriers are versatile dogs, and are both good with children and known for their intelligence.

  • Bedlington Whippet Lurcher cross breed

    The Bedlington Whippet mix is an intelligent, high energy, trainable, medium sized lurcher who are fast, versatile working dogs often used for hunting.

  • Grehounds for sale in Devon

    We both race and show greyhounds.

why choose Travellerways Kennels

Over 20 years experience

Here at Travellerways, we have over 20 years experience with these breeds.

Pedigree Dogs

All our Whippets and Bedlington Terriers are pedigree dogs. The lurchers are cross breeds.

Adults and puppies for sale

We sell adult dogs and puppies. If you are interested in purchasing one of our dogs please contact us.

Licensed Kennels

We are a fully licensed UK Breeder offering Pedigree and Cross Breeds to caring homes.

DNA Tested

All our breeding stock are DNA tested 1.1 for copper toxicosis.

Clear Eye Certificates

All our breeding stock hold clear eye certs for TRD.